Chrome has evolved in many aspects since its release: the browser's appearance, capabilities, and how it stores data have all changed greatly since 2008. This page lets you explore how the files and databases that make up the browsing history recorded in a Chrome profile have evolved through the versions.

If you are interested in more details about the tool and the process I used to generate the underlying Chrome data, check out this blog post.  

Below is a collapsible indented tree depicting the contents of a Chrome Profile. Each rectangle represents a file or directory and is labeled with the file name and type. Rectangles are indented to show the hierarchy. For example, every other item is indented "inside" the top-level Chrome Profile Directory. You can collapse or expand parent items by clicking on them (or use the buttons at the top to do bulk actions). SQLite databases (shown in blue) get special treatment. Since these databases are so important in Chrome forensics, you can expand them to see the tables and columns inside.

Have fun exploring! Let me know what the favorite thing you find is.


Change Log

2020-07-29: Added Chrome v84
2020-05-20: Added Chrome v83 (82 was skipped)
2020-04-15: Added Chrome v81
2020-02-04: Added Chrome v78, v79, and v80
2019-09-20: Added Chrome v77
2019-07-31: Added Chrome v76
2019-06-05: Added Chrome v75
2019-05-01: Added version extraction for SNSS files
2019-04-24: Added Chrome v74
2019-03-13: Added Chrome v73 (just released) and v33 (found an old installer to fill in one I was missing).
2019-02-20: Initial release.