An update to Hindsight is now available!  The new version (0.84) has some bug fixes and increased functionality (specifically regarding download records). Chrome made some significant changes to the way it stores download records in v26 and added in even more fields in v30.

In v26, Chrome stopped storing downloads' URLs in the downloads table and instead moved them to a new downloads_url_chains table.  Hindsight parses this table and now displays any redirection chains for a download.  v26 also saw the addition of a number of status codes to further describe a download; Hindsight parses and decodes these now as well.

Because of all the information now available regarding downloads, I've added in a new 'Download Specific' set of fields at the far right of the output.

The new version is available on Hindsight's Google Code site.

Summary of changes in Hindsight v0.84:

Fixed issues caused by the removal of History Index files in Chrome v30.

Added parsing of additional download fields:

  • Download Redirection Chains
  • Download Interrupt Reason
  • Download Danger Type
  • Download State
  • ETag
  • Last Modified
  • If download was opened from the browser